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Empowering All Students Through PEOPEL PE

Bailee Pfiffner, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

PEOPEL PE is a Physical Education class in which juniors and seniors pair up with students from the Ultima program and spend their PE classes with them. PEOPEL PE has been around for twenty years, created...

Growing rise of an empowering “gym culture” within high school communities

Nataniel Zoladek, Sports Editor November 28, 2023

If you were to walk down the hallways and listen to authentic student conversations about after-school activities, it’s quite likely that you’ll hear someone talking about going to The Edge, Lifetime,...

Adventure Ed boat races spark innovation and teamwork

Julia Pavic, Staff Writer November 27, 2023

Using cardboard boxes as vessels, as well as plastic bottles and bags for buoyancy, Sandburg P.E. students have found a second purpose for commonly thrown-away items: boat building.  Carl Sandburg...

Student and staff perspectives on swimming in P.E.

Lucy Simmons, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

In Carl Sandburg’s Physical Education program, one of the units students participate in is Swimming. During the swim unit, students learn various life saving skills and techniques. In recent years,...

Pickleball is a student favorite in Sandburg P.E. classes - Courtesy of Allie Bragassi

Pickleball’s rise in popularity at Sandburg and beyond

Allie Bragassi, Staff Reporter May 2, 2023

Physical Education is a class that involves learning a variety of sports by separating them into units. A lot of these sports are well-known and seen everywhere: basketball, football, soccer, and the like....

Sandburgs Powerlifting girls - Courtesy of @IronCSEagles on Twitter

Powerlifting team at Sandburg builds muscle, character, and community

Sophia Dorantes, Staff Reporter April 14, 2023

Sandburg’s Powerlifting team is only in its second official year as a club, but it has managed to have a significant effect on its members. Coached by Mr. Carrier and Mr. Zimmer, this season has truly...

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