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Exciting Opportunity for Sandburg Students in Fashion Design Summer Program

Maddie Gallagher, Entertainment Editor February 22, 2024

This winter, students at Sandburg are being offered the opportunity to compete in a fashion design competition through Illinois State University’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program. Whether...

Empowering All Students Through PEOPEL PE

Bailee Pfiffner, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

PEOPEL PE is a Physical Education class in which juniors and seniors pair up with students from the Ultima program and spend their PE classes with them. PEOPEL PE has been around for twenty years, created...

Feature Teacher: Mr. Brigham

Emilia Gruszka, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

Q. What high school did you attend? A. Libertyville High School   Q. What activities did you participate in? A. I did football, track, cross country, basketball, and history club.   Q....

Growing rise of an empowering “gym culture” within high school communities

Nataniel Zoladek, Sports Editor November 28, 2023

If you were to walk down the hallways and listen to authentic student conversations about after-school activities, it’s quite likely that you’ll hear someone talking about going to The Edge, Lifetime,...

Student and staff perspectives on swimming in P.E.

Lucy Simmons, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

In Carl Sandburg’s Physical Education program, one of the units students participate in is Swimming. During the swim unit, students learn various life saving skills and techniques. In recent years,...

Boba Heaven offers great tea and new hangout spot for Sandburg students

Allie Bragassi, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

Most people enjoy a good drink: a warm hot chocolate on a chilly day, a cup of coffee with breakfast, or a bubble tea while hanging out with friends. Boba Heaven, bubble tea store nearby to Sandburg, has...

The Barkery: Fostering creativity, employability, and joy

Kyra Sears, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

The Barkery is a microbusiness at Sandburg that makes and sells dog treats and cakes to teachers and staff around the school. The Barkery was created during COVID when internships for students were...

Understanding “snow days” versus “e-learning days”

Julia Pavic, Staff Writer November 7, 2023

For many years, Carl Sandburg High School has shown resilience with upholding the importance of education during difficult times. Most recently, throughout the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the school took the...

New Dungeons and Dragons Club soars with participation and imagination

Alexandra Vazquez-Gutierrez, Features Editor November 7, 2023

With Sandburg’s assortment of over seventy extracurricular activities, one would think there’s little to add; however, last spring, two former sophomores decided that there was still room for growth....

Lesser-known elective classes at Sandburg

Zainab Azeem, News Editor November 3, 2023

Time ticks fast during the high school experience, and with every semester, students have fewer opportunities to take classes that specifically appeal to their interests and ambitions. When Sandburg...

Cell phones in classrooms: The benefits, the drawbacks, and student and teacher perspectives

Bailee Pfiffner, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

The presence of cell phones in schools today is arguably one of the biggest factors affecting student learning and behavior. There are teachers that will say cell phones are a good thing, and others that...

Sandburg’s first girls flag football team: Making history and team unity

Sawsan Khatib, Staff Writer October 20, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, Carl Sandburg High School has started a Girls Flag Football team. This new, memorable addition to the school sports section has not only brought victories and made for unforgettable...

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