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Chess surges in popularity, within club and beyond

Migle Acas, Staff Reporter May 3, 2023

With the rise of advanced, ubiquitous technology, the current high school generation has grown up playing video games on systems like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. But why have teens at Sandburg recently...

Senior Assassin game takes Sandburg by storm

Senior Assassin game takes Sandburg by storm

Nataniel Zoladek, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

Senior Assassin, a just-for-fun game amongst high schoolers, has been taking the nation by storm, from Boston to Los Angeles. Students across the country are playing, including here at Sandburg. Every...

Nirvana crewneck sweatshirt - Courtesy of

Trendy band shirts and their overlooked histories

Migle Acas, Staff Reporter February 22, 2023

Nirvana, Rolling Stones, AC-DC… Do you even listen to these bands? Name three songs - I bet you can’t! Hopefully, you are not caught in the crossfire when your teacher starts questioning your fandom...

Mini UGG Boots - Courtesy of

Winter fashion trends taking over at Sandburg

Maddie Gallagher, Staff Reporter February 15, 2023

Now that winter break has come to an end, Sandburg students begin to fill the halls with their new clothes and set of trends. From mini UGGs, the “clean look," and comeback of sustainable fashion, teens...

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