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Winter One-Acts Showcase Layered Student Creativity

Eileen Li, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

The music stops, the lights dim, voices settle, and there’s a rushed rustle as everything fades to black. A voice fills the theater, reminders of no flash photography and an introduction to the show...

Crew provides a behind-the-scenes look at fall play

Bailee Pfiffner, Staff Writer October 3, 2023

It’s 3:15pm, and the shop is opened up for the crew to start building. A team of high school students begins work on a variety of projects ranging from building 2’ 8" platforms to crafting a 20-foot-tall...

Gyspy performers make the show come to life - Courtesy of @SandburgHS Twitter

Students bring Gypsy to life in dazzling spring musical

Layan Wahdan, Staff Reporter April 26, 2023

Carl Sandburg High School proudly presented the annual spring musical, Gypsy, throughout the past few weeks. Performances took place on April 12 - 15, all at 7pm, in the PAC. Production for the musical...

Winter One-Acts: A unique experience for and from Sandburg students

Sophia Dorantes, Staff Reporter February 23, 2023

The Winter One-Acts are put on every February at Carl Sandburg High School. However, what makes them different from other productions is that they are student-led.  The short one-act plays, overseen...

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