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Community activities this winter to help you beat the cold

Are you looking for some fun, different ways to keep busy in the community this winter? See the list of activities below to get ideas.


The Bridge Teen Center

  • The Teen Bridge Center in Orland Park has a plethora of programs for teens in 7th-12th grades. These programs range from volunteering at the attached thrift store, to fun-filled Friday nights for everyone to enjoy with samples from local restaurants.
  • Within the establishment, there’s a kitchen, an art studio, and a gaming area where different activities are held throughout the months. Professionals also visit! Chefs, roofers, and nurses are just a few examples of workers who’ve come in the past to tell students about their jobs and engage in activities. There’s something for everyone, and a surplus of opportunities.
  • Sign up at for free access to all their events.
  • Location: 15555 71st Ct., Orland Park, IL 60462
Local teens hanging out at the Bridge Teen Center – Photo courtesy of @thebridgetc on Instagram


Orland Park Public Library

  • People often look to the library for their various service hour opportunities, some of which are assisting with activities for younger kids. What you might not know is that they have similar activities for high school students!
  • Visiting the Teen section of their website will lead you to a page full of interactive online activities like escape rooms and trivia, information about their Take and Make activities, and a calendar list of all available activities at the bottom of the page. And of course, you can always find a new book!
  • Location: 14921 S. Ravinia Ave., Orland Park, IL 60462
The OPPL is always here for you with books, programs, and community – Photo courtesy of The Orland Park Public Library


Sandburg Games and Performances

  • With flourishing music and theater programs and sports teams aplenty, there’s always something going on at Sandburg! Support our teams at their next game, or visit the PAC during a performance.
  • An added bonus of winter is the sheltered aspect — no freezing from the cold or sweating of unbearable heat.
  • Basketball and wrestling are two of the many winter sports at Sandburg, Winter One-Act plays are underway, and holiday and winter concerts are coming up, so keep an eye out for those on school announcements, TVs, and through word of mouth from friends.
Stay warm and stay involved by watching indoor school game or performance – Photo courtesy of Greg Gardner


Outdoor Activities

  • Winter isn’t waiting –the first snow of the season has already passed! Grab some friends and bundle up. The next time it snows, get outside. There’s always something to do: sled, snowball fights, snow angels, snow men. When the snow all piles up, there’s always something you can do with it. Enjoy it while you can, and commit to experiencing winter this season!
  • Centennial Park (15600 West Ave., Orland Park, IL 60462) has a great hill for sledding, as well as a small skating rink!


Indoor Activities

  • If the weather outside is indeed too frightful, then being indoors will be all the more delightful! There’s just as much to do inside as there is out, if not more.
  • Movie marathons, board games, the list never ends! Or, find an online activity, like a Kahoot or a quiz, to take with friends, especially when the roads are icy.
  • Try a new craft, start a new project. Sometimes a winter wonderland can spark that creative fire. If you enjoy the culinary arts, bake something! There’s nothing more perfect than the smell of something in the oven and the sight of snow falling through the window. And for those who can’t bake for their life, there’s always hot chocolate to be made… maybe a warm relief after the biting cold?


Have a great winter by getting engaged with your local and school communities. Stay warm, and have fun!

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