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Sandburg’s first girls flag football team: Making history and team unity

In a groundbreaking move, Carl Sandburg High School has started a Girls Flag Football team. This new, memorable addition to the school sports section has not only brought victories and made for unforgettable memories and stories, but has also transformed these young girls into a close-knit family, emphasizing the true meaning and importance of teamwork and the significance of their journey, which is now considered history. 

This school year, Sandburg decided to introduce Girls Flag Football as a competitive sport for the first time in Sandburg history. This huge step opened up a world of opportunities for female athletes to shine on the field. It allowed the young women at Sandburg to get a feel of a sport to have as their own, and allow them to make of it what they want.

The team’s first official game on September 14th, 2023 was a an encounter against Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. Sandburg won the game, but the victory was more than just a score on the board. It was a learning experience that continued onto the field. 

It’s evident that the most impactful aspect of this journey is the team’s unity and bond. When asked about what she believed to be the most important aspect for teamwork on the Flag Football team, Monajah Ewuosho, an athlete on the Flag Football team said that, “The most important part about working as a team is realizing and acknowledging the significance that we are making history. It adds more meaning to our work ethic to represent Sandburg and the founding steps of girls flag football forever.” The girls’ connections between one another are present on and off the field.

Photo courtesy of Monajah Ewuosho

The growth of the Sandburg High School girls flag football team extends far beyond just the wins or losses. During practices, they have learned to trust each other’s abilities and lean on one another’s strengths. Hours of drills, scrimmages, and conditioning have strengthened their bonds.

As they sweated together on the practice field, their unity grew stronger. Through their shared experiences of ups and downs, these young athletes transformed into a cohesive group, ready to take on any opponent.

Girls Flag Football holds a family-like atmosphere among the teammates. Ewuosho also stated that “flag football allows us to create more of a family atmosphere and get to actually know and meet other teammates from different grades. All the skills our lovely coaches teach us can be put into perspective as we battle with other teams. We have this opportunity to learn in-depth and grow in love with the sport.”

What stands out about this team is the great sense of connection they’ve developed in the short amount of time they’ve known each other. “Learning to love a group of people who you never knew you’d connect with was, in my opinion, a more eye-opening experience than the actual games,” reflects Lean Khatib, member of the Girls Flag Football team.

These athletes have formed bonds that extend beyond the football field, forming friendships that will last a lifetime. In the words of athlete Shaymaa Shuaibi, “I never knew what to expect coming into Flag Football, but I definitely don’t regret the outcome.” 

The Sandburg girls flag football team is more than just a sports team; it’s a symbol of progress, unity, and the unbeatable, never ending spirit of  athletes breaking new ground. As they continue to make their mark on the field while having fun, they’re also leaving a long lasting legacy within the Sandburg community. This is only the beginning of a promising era for girls flag football at Sandburg, and they have their sights set on even greater success in the future.

The team’s ability to communicate, challenge each other’s moves, and support one another has made them into the competitors they are today. As they continue to practice, grow, and refine their skills, there’s no doubt that Sandburg’s girls flag football team will continue to demonstrate how unity, determination, consistency, and teamwork leads to not only success on the field, but also to lifelong lessons in perseverance.

The Sandburg community can certainly look forward to many more exciting seasons ahead for this remarkable team.

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