Baseball season begins, team showing promise and heart

The CSHS baseball crew enjoys a day of practice - Courtesy of Alyssa Salgado

The CSHS baseball crew enjoys a day of practice – Courtesy of Alyssa Salgado

Alyssa Salgado, Staff Reporter

The Baseball season is off to a great start, having fun while beating top schools in the state like Brother Rice and Lemont.

Coach Morsovillo is the varsity coach of the boys baseball team. He has been coaching baseball since 1999. He graduated from Sandburg in 1992, and then went to Western Illinois, where he played baseball. Besides coaching baseball, he also teaches Boys Junior Leaders and Drivers Ed classes. 

On a nice day, the boys practice outside. When the weather is inadequate, they practice inside on the south balcony and occasionally use the gym. Coach Morsovillo sets everything out for the team. He says, “Everyday is kind of different based on what we need to work on from the previous day.” 

The team this year has seven seniors. They hustle, play hard, and compete to the very last out. That is what has helped them to start this successful season. Coach Morsovillo said, “The seniors have led well and have been good leaders this year.”

The team is busy, playing at least 2-3 games a week, not counting double headers almost every Saturday. Beating the odds against Brother Rice after their defeat last season was a huge win for the team as well as beating Lemont. Both schools are ranked teams in the state. He said, he was “proud of the guys” for being in the Power 25 for the state. 

Hitting practice helps the team build their skills. – Courtesy of Alyssa Salgado

Victor ‘Vic’ Zaragoza is one of the seven seniors on the varsity team. He has been on the varsity team since his junior year. Vic prepares himself for game day with a certain routine. He says, “Before games I don’t like talking to anyone knowing I have to catch at almost every game.” He separates himself from the team because they tend to cause a distraction to his focus. He can’t be around them too much or it impacts his mental game and what he envisions on doing that game. 

Jason ‘Sulli’ Sullivan is also one of the seniors on the varsity team. He has been on the varsity team since his Junior year. Sulli lets us know how he prepares himself for game day. He says, “I like to get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, and get my music going to get hyped.”

The team has a strong bond on and off the field. Zaragoza says, “We have some weird dudes on the team and we really enjoy each other’s company.” The team this year has a strong connection. They often hang out outside of practice and school. 

Sullivan adds that, “We are a family.”  The baseball team doesn’t do things individually. They are connected. They even have a TikTok account named “csbaseball_eats.” 

The team has dedicated players that have a deep love of the game. Zaragoza says, “My favorite part about baseball is the fact that I get to play the game I love with some of the best people I’ve met during my time at Sandburg. This game has taught me more about life than the game itself, and for that I am blessed. Baseball has helped me become a better person in general and it’s all thanks to God, my parents, coaches, and teammates.”

Sullivan adds, “I love baseball for several reasons. I love the strategy, the skill set, and the competitiveness of the game. I also have met some of my greatest friends while playing the game. Baseball is a game that I will love forever and one day hopefully pass down to my kids.”

This love is clear to those that support the team. Vanessa Caldera is the student athletic trainer on the boys varsity baseball team. As the athletic trainer, she makes sure that she is paying attention during practice and games in case anyone gets hurt. She also makes sure the waters are filled and the medical kit is restocked. These things will be ready in the dugout for home games or on the bus for away games. 

Caldera says, “I love the team, they are all really sweet, and you can see how much they enjoy playing. These players are one of a kind. I could not ask to be a part of a better team.” She picked baseball for training during this season because she created a bond with some of the players last year, so carrying that forward with the varsity team meant a lot.

Caldera says, “The best part of being an athletic trainer for the baseball team is definitely spending time with the team. Just seeing them hangout with each other, talking, it’s all really nice. It’s an amazing environment to be in.”

Teammates bond on and off the field. – Courtesy of Alyssa Salgado

Overall, despite some tense games, Sandburg’s baseball team is in a good position, with athletes who clearly love the sport and their coaches’ dedication to help them enjoy it. The season is off to a great start, and the game goes on.