Sustainability Club’s pollinator garden gaining interest

Migle Acas, Staff Reporter

Sustainability Club provides the opportunity for students to enjoy Sandburg’s little piece of nature within the bounds of the renewed South courtyard. Since the initial application of new plants, the courtyard has been the setting for a beautiful verdant environment, catering to diverse class activities.

Mr. Jim Corcoran, Sustainability Club’s sponsor, adds that “I’ve seen the Special Ed classes out there, just enjoying the garden, doing different activities.” Science classes have also been utilizing the space for lessons such as Mr. Corcoran’s AP Environmental Science doing their biodiversity lab, in which they studied a variety of outdoor plants.

Although the space has been used exclusively by classes, individual students do not get the chance to spend significant time in the courtyard outside the occasional classroom activities. The South courtyard has the potential to be used throughout the day when students have the time, like for a study hall or lunch hours. 

Mr. Corcoran says that “The intentions were, when we developed and came up with the idea, to create a Zen Garden to allow students out there to use it for some time to calm down to get back in touch with nature or just go out and chillax. And that’s not been the case as of yet.”

Mr. Corcoran adds that “The students should have complete access to that at anytime of the day that they need to just go out there and, and use it for mindfulness exercises.” 

Should there be complete freedom and access to the South Courtyard? Now, this issue is up to the Students of Carl Sandburg High School to decide whether they are willing to exercise their right to this tranquil environment. Hopefully, students will be able to experience the full benefits of the Sustainability Club’s efforts to beautify the school environment.