Powderpuff brings students together during Homecoming Week

Sawsan Khatib, Staff Reporter

Powderpuff is a once-a-year event for young women to get together, make new friends, have a new experience, and most importantly have some fun. Something new and exciting is just what many Sandburg students needed during Homecoming Week.

Shahead Said, a student who participated in the once-a-year girl’s football game, stated, “I expected Powderpuff to be an entertaining and memorable experience. I expected it to be an activity where I can bond and meet new people over, and it was just that.”

Regardless of one’s expectations, having an open mind to a new experience helps contribute to the excitement. Powderpuff has open arms for any new members to join considering they take on new recruits every year. 

Joining new clubs can always be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know anyone else. That’s one of the amazing things about powderpuff: although having the ability to play football and have fun is amazing, meeting new people is always the one of the most valuable parts of the experience. 

When asked if she had met any new people at Powderpuff, Monajah Ewuoso says, “I met so many new people and bonded with old friends. It’s hard keeping contact with people you don’t have classes with so Powderpuff really helped with that.”

It’s inevitable that students will meet new people regardless of where they are, but considering the Powderpuff teams each year spends so much time together, just makes the bond stronger and much closer to heart.

Joining Powderpuff can also just be something for students to do if they are bored after school. Not only that, but because the school day is so long and exhausting, having something fun to look forward to after school is a treat. Also, blowing off some steam after school is always important, no matter what 

When asked the reason why she joined Powderpuff, Linda Guadarrama says, “I decided to join as a fun homecoming activity to do and a way to get involved in the school spirit. I also want to make good memories throughout my time at Sandburg.” In case students are not able to join the Powderpuff team, they can also join in the fun by going to watch the game during Homecoming spirit week.

Shahead says “Personally, when I joined powderpuff, I was too worried it was gonna wear me out after school more than I already was, and that I would be in a bad mood once I got home. But, that was the wrong case. I loved the environment during practices. Everyone was always pretty energetic and people were always making jokes. I personally enjoyed the practices and the fun drills we did that not only made us better but brought us closer as a team.” 

Guadarrma went on to explain, “I would definitely do it again. I would love to try different positions as well. Playing is very fun and the coaches are also hilarious as well. It’s an amazing thing to do throughout homecoming week. Just adds to the fun.”

Monajah Ewuoso also states, “I would definitely participate again, not only to reclaim back the “W” but to feel that teamwork cooperation again and again.”

It’s important to have fun while trying new things. It is hard to decide whether you like something or not without trying first. You never know – you could meet so many new people that become a family, just like the Powderpuff team here at Sandburg.