The Lit Lab is here to help

Courtesy of Mathylda Dulian

Courtesy of Mathylda Dulian

Mathylda Dulian, News Editor

The Literacy Lab (the Lit Lab, for short) is a popular and incredible resource for students of all ages and levels here at Sandburg. The Lit Lab is open during all three lunch/study hall periods to assist with English homework, essay drafting, editing, college essay reviews, and much more. 

The Lit Lab is just one of the many tutoring centers available for students at Sandburg. The Lit Lab is among the most popular among the Math Resource Center, the Science Resource Center, and the Social Studies Resource Center. 

Teachers and tutors, advanced junior and senior students work tirelessly every day of the week to help every one of their clients leave with a better understanding of their work than when they came in.

“The success of the lit lab is centered on the small interactions tutors and clients have, the tutors benefit from the bonds they make and the people who need the help in their own community,” says Mr. Fear, one of the teachers available in the Lit Lab.

Tutors can get NHS and Service hours for working with their peers. The community of tutors also works together to help one another with clients and improve their English skills. Demetra Feradoruos, a senior tutor, was asked what her favorite part of the Lit Lab is, and she said, “How everyone just wants to see each other succeed; it’s not selfish, we all want to help each other improve in their classes. Even the tutors help each other with their English skills and issues.”

Each year the Lit Lab also closes out time for college essay boot camps to help seniors with the mountain of essays during application season. Every Friday in October, the Lit Lab holds topic-specific workshops to help seniors with their papers. Juniors should look out for fliers next year for specific dates.

All Sandburg students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource available every day of the week. If you are interested in being a Lit Lab tutor, sophomores and juniors should look out for applications early next year or ask their English teachers if they are eligible.