Sandburg offers wide variety of off-campus electives and internships


Courtesy of @SandburgBusinessDept – Andrew alumna Gia Skiba speaks at the Career Internship’s Partner with a Pro series about event planning/event sales

Maddie Gallagher, Staff Reporter

Students at Sandburg have the opportunity to explore their future careers through a variety of off-campus electives and internships. From nail technology, cosmetology, to both teaching and work internships, eager seniors at Sandburg can experience adult life early on. 

Both the nail technology and cosmetology electives take place through the Capri Beauty College program. Students leave school twice a week during the afternoon for their classes and gain hands-on experience with their desired career. 

While searching for an elective her senior year, Sandburg student Nevaeh Sayles discovered the cosmetology program and decided she was interested in taking part. 

Sayles says, “The program is a great opportunity if you’d like to pursue that career path. It sets you on the right track for the future.”

Throughout her many weeks of training, Sayles has practiced on her peers and learned the anatomy of hair follicles, how to color and cut hair, and many other important aspects of the cosmetology career. 

Though it does not take long for students to travel to and from class, as the program is located in Palos Hills, Nevaeh occasionally still feels rushed. She says her least favorite part of the elective is that “I have to stay until 9. It adds stress at times because I feel like I can’t get as much done school-wise as I’d like.” 

To take part in either beauty-based elective, students must contact their guidance counselor during the class scheduling time, and fill out an application form that includes payment.

Students can also get involved in both teaching and work-based internships.

Seniors interested in becoming a teacher have the ability to teach a kindergarten through eighth grade class within Orland School District 135. The internship lasts about 13 weeks and students attend their class 4 days of the week. 

During this period, student-teachers learn to lesson plan and work with young students. Seniors can also receive college credit through their internships.  

Students that take part in the career internship program attend school for five hours of their day, then work a job of their choice, fulfilling a certain amount of hours per week. 

Sandburg staff members will occasionally observe the worker and contact their manager to guide students through their jobs. 

To apply for an internship, students must fill out an application form or receive a specific recommendation in order to become enrolled. 

Considering the ability to receive a taste of their future early in their careers, Nevaeh recommends seniors take part in off campus electives and internships. She says students should “open their variety and get out in the world.”