Sandburg’s College and Career Center is here to help


Courtesy of Alaina Kovacevic

Alaina Kovacevic, Entertainment Editor, Staff Reporter

The college application process is a notoriously difficult and strenuous task- one that almost every High School Senior will have to go through. Without guidance, it can be extremely confusing dealing with numerous high stake essays, filling out Common App questions, and navigating through the foundations of your academic future. Carl Sandburg’s highly qualified and involved College and Career Center, located in C120 and run by our very own Mrs. Hawes, offers a helping hand throughout this journey in order to lead students into the first steps toward a successful future. 

The College and Career Center’s purpose is to guide students through the college process and offer as many opportunities as possible. Many of these seminars and workshops can be found on SchoolLinks, where students can sign up for a multitude of college visits and receive help on applications and essays, setting them on the right path to success.

The help and guidance provided in the center is offered and organized by the impressive Mrs. Hawes. Mrs. Hawes ensures that the needs of students are not only met, but exceeded. She treats each and every student with patience, respect, and kindness, exuding a welcoming presence that is visibly genuine. 

She advises, “I recommend students to gain exposure by going to the college visits, listening to the different colleges and career speakers so students can be exposed to new ideas.”  

One of the most difficult parts of applying to college is simply figuring out where you want to go and what you want to do. This indecisiveness tends to originate from simply not knowing what options are available, something the College and Career Center aims to fix and make known. 

“The biggest mistake made in the process would be waiting until the last minute or doing nothing. A lot of people are scared or timid so they never start, but there is something for every single type of person. It is so individualized – everyone can find the right fit. They should just dive in, do research and find what’s best for them.” 

Utilizing the many opportunities and resources that the College and Career Center offers is a vital step in becoming comfortable and confident in your college application process. 

The results of hard work and dedication in the center are evident in many of Sandburg’s seniors. Sydney Preston is a senior at Carl Sandburg and is a regular student at the College and Career Center. “I go to the center almost weekly, either talking to different colleges or getting help from Mrs. Hawes.”

In an interview regarding her experience in the College and Career Center, Sydney detailed the many positives she gained from utilizing this resource. 

“The college resource center has made the college process less stressful. For example, after attending a few meetings I felt like I was going in the right direction as far as the application process. Also after one college essay panel, I was able to write a great essay and submit it.” 

Ms. Preston got an early start on the college process, starting at the beginning of this school year, and was able to apply and submit an essay crafted in the College and Career center with the help and guidance readily available for students.

“I definitely recommend the center to students because trying to navigate the college process on your own can be very stressful and having guidance is always important.”

The application process can seem extremely intimidating but it is important to remember that it does not have to be a challenge tackled alone. The College and Career Center is more than eager to help.