Freshmen open the door to AP

Faith Casey, Staff Reporter

For most high school students college is the end goal, the next chapter in their unfolding lives. While it’s tempting to bask in the high school experience for as long as possible, for some students, college classes and expectations arise from the start of freshman year. 

Here at Sandburg, freshmen students have the opportunity to take one AP class: AP World History. Mrs. Anita Huffman, The Associate Principal of Instruction views this opportunity as one of great value. She says that, “Anytime students can have access to a college level course it’s preparing them and showing them what kind of work you would do at the collegiate level.”   

Huffman also says, “It’s important we have every door open for students when they graduate.” It’s a necessity for students to feel their teachers’ doors are always open as well. With an assortment of resources like the Social Studies Resource Center (SSRC) and Intervention, there is an extra area for teacher-student connections that wouldn’t be as available in a collegiate setting. 

In regards to intervention, Huffman said, “Time with teachers is worth its weight in gold. When students feel like they can do the work and they belong there, they are going to be more successful. Our teachers do a wonderful job of creating that culture and intervention is just an extension of that.” 

Ms. Olivia Parker is one Sandburg’s three AP World History teachers. Having taught AP Human Geography for four years and AP World History for three, her experience in this course has shown her what this class is able to bring students. She recognizes that it may be difficult to adjust to at first but because of the high school environment, she is able to take advantage of that, and use what resources may not be available from a college professor. 

Parker says, “Sometimes we lecture but there are other times when we really dig into the information and create something out of it.” While challenges are unavoidable in this course, Parker is able to recall a great lesson that can be taken away from this class when she says, “You’re going to have to get outside of the idea of only 100% being perfect.” 

Freshman student Ava Troy participates in Mr. Jeffery Brigham’s AP World History class. From her first hand experience, staying on top of the reading and annotations is what helps her manage the workload. Troy says, “College credit can be exciting and also nerve racking, but it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to receive these credits very early.” 

Advanced Placement is traditionally meant for students of a higher age, however, Troy hopes to gain better reading and writing skills. She also recalls how her teacher, Mr. Brigham is able to make slideshows for her and her classmates to better understand the topics. 

All students taking this course will inevitably have different experiences. However, the resources put in place at Sandburg are only meant to help and encourage them to do their best. From Associate Principal of Instruction, to teacher, to student, one factor is clear; this wonderful opportunity should be explored and taken advantage of to help future academics and open doors for students after they graduate.