Eating lunch at Sandburg

Zainab Azeem

As we transition into fall, we sooner or later have enjoyed the sunny weather on the weekends. But what about in school, where we stay in one building for 7 hours a day, or possibly more? Sandburg has different places to unwind during lunch, including eating outside. But, how do the students who do go outside view it? What problems do students face when being outside? Are there any changes or improvements planned to happen? 

Freshman Sabrine Zatar says,” I like sitting outside with my friends. Usually, the weather is nice, but on windy days, dust comes in our eyes, and bees sometimes come around. Other than that, eating outside doesn’t have any problems, and we all enjoy it.” 

Science Teacher Mr. Corcoran aims to create the “Zen Garden” in Sustainability Club, where students can unwind and possibly eat outside during their lunch periods. He says,” Hopefully, the plan is to begin planting gardens this fall, and then eventually have some benches out there, and just have a space to unwind during lunch hours, and to get back in touch with nature.” In the matter of rules, he says those are yet to be set up. “Our priority is getting the garden out there. After that, we have to get the administration to allow students to use that space at their will.” 

He believes that this would benefit the students mentally, as a way for them to calm down in their hectic lives. “We need a spot where kids can relax, meditate, bring mindfulness, and get their wits back together. So yes, I do think it’s something that we need.” 

Eating outside has had positive effects on the people who experienced it, and it seems like it’s not going away for a while, quite the opposite. Maybe in our free period, we can visit the courtyard, and take a few minute break before going back to our hectic lives.