Superfanz are happy 2 be back

After one year without gathering at events, the Superfanz have returned to cheer on the Eagles.

Bella Tortorici, News Editor

Seniors Maddie Coghlan, Ella MacDonald, Brianna Iraci, Ainsley Barrett, Maria Gonsch, Hanan Ali, and Payton Prodoehl smile. Dressed up in Gold, they cheer on the Eagles during the Blue and Gold game. (Photo Credit of VIP Pictures)

With a typical football season underway, Sandburg’s Superfanz are back showcasing their school spirit. Through creative themes with accompanying videos advertising each game and leading the fan section through different chants, many students are glad our Superfanz retuned to cheer on our Eagles. 

Beginning in 2015 and continuing every year since, a group of seniors is chosen to become Superfanz. Superfanz are in charge of deciding themes for football and other sports, coming up with videos to promote the games, and generally hyping up the school to support their peers. With the main theme of “It’2 Good 2 Be Back”, the Superfanz are dedicated to generating the same energy as before despite the previous untraditional school year. 

After filling out an application their junior year, Superfanz must demonstrate positivity, leadership, and involvement in the school community in order to be accepted. Usually around 15 students are on the executive board, but this year there are 24. Behind the baby on the stick, a lot of preparation goes into being a Superfan. Themes are decided well in advance, with meetings every Wednesday to organize the weekly video and game.

 Aquino, a Superfan, mentions they arrange “… how to have the most fun in the most safe way.” Amongst the members, the Camo, Beach Party, and Pink Out themes are the most popular.  

Senior Superfan Kyle Wagner said he wanted to join because “in my last year at Sandburg, I wanted to be a part of as much as I can.” 

Senior Superfan Josh Aquino notes, “I always looked up to the Superfanz and wanted to be the person that led the crowd and be a big part of the cheering.” 

No matter their reason for joining Superfanz, this group of seniors tries to invigorate and uplift the crowds. 

All in all, the point of Superfanz is to strengthen the school community and create a sense of fun among students. Mr. Habboub, one of the sponsors for the club, says “What’s most important to me is creating an atmosphere for all students to feel welcomed and showing support to our athletic teams and event participants.”

Whether they are dressed up in over-the-top costumes or leading on the rollercoaster, the Superfanz will be there to support our school community.