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Exciting Opportunity for Sandburg Students in Fashion Design Summer Program

This winter, students at Sandburg are being offered the opportunity to compete in a fashion design competition through Illinois State University’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program.

Whether you have a passion for design, or simply have an eye for fashion, the ISU program challenges students to create original design sketches or window displays surrounding this year’s theme: Artisanal (sustainable fashion).

This challenge comes with the chance to attend the University’s annual fashion show and watch your designs come to life. The top designers will also receive travel funds to attend the fashion show, a behind-the-scenes tour of the program, and a $4,000 scholarship to pursue Fashion, Design, and Merchandising at ISU.

Sandburg Fashion teacher Mrs. Sims says, “I think it’s a great idea to take these advantages because of the possibility of earning scholarship money, and I believe that any type of practice you can get in your field will continue to build on your portfolio and your skill.” 

Even for those interested in other schools or majors, the competition itself inspires creativity and allows students to think outside the box. For those who have always considered attending a fashion school, the competition is a great opportunity for demonstrating one’s artistic ability and adding that to a college transcript.

Although students’ projects are expected to be completed at home, Sims says, ”I would be more than willing to help anyone that’s interested and anything in my classroom is fair game to use.” 

The last day for online submissions for the Fashion Design Competition is March 15, 2024. If you’re considering entering a project, Mrs. Sims encourages students to “give it a try.”

She says, “What does it hurt? I think we’re afraid to try sometimes when things are new or different, but trying will allow for more experience and the possibility of winning.”

See the ISU competition page for more information.

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