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Feature Teacher: Mr. Brigham

Mr. Jeff Brigham – Courtesy of

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. Libertyville High School


Q. What activities did you participate in?

A. I did football, track, cross country, basketball, and history club.


Q. What year did you graduate?

A. 1983


Q. How long have you been working at Sandburg?

A. 30 years.


Q. Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

A. Well, my parents were teachers, so naturally, I didn’t want to do what my parents dis. So, I did eight years of business and finally started teaching.


Q. What’s your favorite part of teaching?

A. The students and being able to laugh with them.


Q. What’s your least favorite part about teaching?

A. Grading.


Q. Have you always been excited about world history?

A. Yes, I’ve always been interested in it, whether it was U.S history, European, world history.  I’ve always liked it.


Q. What was your most embarrassing moment while teaching?

A. My first year teaching, I was doing a big activity with a fog machine, and I accidentally set off the fire alarm.


Q. What is your biggest accomplishment?

A. The many successful people out there in the world doing great things.

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