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Boba Heaven offers great tea and new hangout spot for Sandburg students

Most people enjoy a good drink: a warm hot chocolate on a chilly day, a cup of coffee with breakfast, or a bubble tea while hanging out with friends. Boba Heaven, bubble tea store nearby to Sandburg, has become a hangout spot for Sandburg students over the past couple of years.

Boba Heaven is on La Grange Road, in the same parking lot as the Jewel-Osco right across from school. They sell a variety of drinks, including flavored teas, milk teas, frozen drinks, and coffee. There are also locations in Oak Lawn and Countryside.

Grace Harty, a junior at Sandburg, said that she first visited Boba Heaven to try something new and unique in the area. She said that it was her first time trying boba and that she enjoyed the pineapple freeze drink.

When describing her first time going to Boba Heaven, Sawsan Khatib, a junior at Sandburg, said “I first found out about it during [my] freshman year because all my friends were going… it’s also really quick, so it was just something to do after school or after a club.”

The store offers monthly specials and unique drinks that are only sold for a limited time. Khatib said that she likes the monthly specials because they give her a chance to try something new every time she visits. 

Boba Heaven doesn’t just sell drinks; they also offer pancake bites and waffles with various toppings. The toppings for the snacks are sweet things like fruit or crushed Oreos. If the topping combinations they offer so not fit your taste, you can add alternate toppings for a small fee.

If you ever need a refreshing drink  or snack, or are seeking place to relax after a stressful day of school, Boba Heaven might just be a convenient place for you.

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