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Open Mic Night showcases student creativity

On Wednesday, October 25, Carl Sandburg High School hosted an Open Mic Night. The event was located in the foyer of the Performing Arts Center and ran from 5pm to 8pm. 

Students had the opportunity to sign up for ten minute slots at the microphone to perform any act of their choosing, ranging from comedy to band performances. Students from the Literary Magazine wrote poems on demand. There was also coffee available for free for students and participants to enjoy. 

Mrs. Guelcher, an English teacher who was one of the sponsors of the event, says, “We just wanted to create a space for people to have a stage and a microphone if they wanted, and then also just to come, and have just a real chill vibe to create, draw, create poetry, hang out with other people who also create things.”

This year’s Open Mic Night was a new version of a previous Sandburg event: Coffee House. The night also featured an open mic, coffee, and poetry, but had a student art gallery as well. It was part of Artober, which is a Sandburg tradition to this day. Due to the pandemic, there hasn’t been a similar event in the past few years. Mrs. Guelcher says, “It’s just been a while, and it seemed like it was time to bring it back.” 

Students who attended came not just to perform, but also to support their friends and just have fun. Sandburg senior Jezabelle Saucedo says, “I hope a lot of people do perform, because it is my last year. I was going to work on my college apps instead of this, but I decided I was like, I wanna join in on the fun.”

Another Sandburg student, sophomore Marram Hishmeh, says, “I’m here to support my friend Kennedy as she performs. I’m feeling very excited to see what she has to offer.”

For any students who didn’t get the chance to perform last month, there are sure to be more opportunities in the future. Currently, there are plans to host the event again next winter.

Mr. McCabe, an art teacher who also sponsored the event, says, “We’re probably gonna do this again in January, the two weeks before Sandburg’s Got Talent. So it’ll be another time for people to get on stage, especially before an event like that, where they can kinda practice being on stage and getting the nerves out.”

The overall reception of the event was positive for both students and teachers. Mrs. Guelcher says, “Each year, I’ve been really amazed by the talent that shows up from kids who otherwise are very quiet in classes or have a very small circle of friends or no one knew that they (fill in the blank), and they kind of come here and get on stage and become somebody else entirely for a few minutes, and it’s just a little bit unbelievable.”

Sandburg freshman Danea Vargas agrees that the event gives a much needed opportunity for showcasing student creativity. She comments, “I think this event is really awesome sauce, and honestly I’m here to support my friends, but everything else has been pretty nice too.”

Many Sandburg community members are already looking to the winter Open Mic Night as one more opportunity to let student talent shine.

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